Why We Changed.

So if you've seen the new front page to our site, you'll notice that we've changed things up a bit. Namely, you now have two options to pick from when browsing our designs, Victory Lap and Rest Day apparel.

        To summarize what was a long headache of a conversation between Watts (the other co-owner) and I, we came to the conclusion that we needed to diversify our brand. For one, PWRMV is too strong of a name and logo to put on any of our designs, and it doesn't properly exemplify the humor of our brand in its name. Following that, we found that we were essentially mixing body image/fitness designs in with college/party designs, and weren't properly targeting our ideal demographics. So, we decided to run two new brands under the PWRMV name.

        Victory Lap is now our college/party focused brand. Named to represent that amazing 5th year all you lazy students should take, we want this brand to truly embody the degeneracy of the late teens to early 20s. Whether it's through doing drugs or eating ass, we want you to feel at home with a brand made to exemplify your true delinquency.

        Rest Day is now our fitness/body image brand. This apparel line is designed for you "fitness guru's" who took 10 out of the last 14 days as 'rest days' to let your body recover from the 3 sets of bench you did. Between letting the world know how fa-… "thicc" you are, to reminding everyone you're just a lump of meat with no personality, we've got you covered.

        With the release of these two new brands we've also changed a bit with our products/designs. Namely, we've added more of both! You'll find plenty of new designs under both the brand names, and following that, you can now get any design you choose on any piece of apparel we sell! Choose your brand, choose your design, then finally pick your piece of apparel. If you want to see any products added, definitely slide in our DMs.

        In the meantime, the PWRMV name will stick as the umbrella owner for both these brands until we figure out a better plan or name for the company. If you have any ideas, please let us know. Personally, I was thinking "Shea's amazing designs." or "Watt's autistic creations." but the jury is still out. If you have any clue on how to brand this shit better, drop us a line, cause god knows we know what the fuck we're doing.

Til next time.

Shea Sullivan
Future Failed Business Owner
Ass Eating Extraordinaire
Mom's Greatest Disappointment